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About Us

Competitiveness Mindset Institute (CMI) is a US 501c(3), and India 80(G) certified, non-profit organization founded in 2017 in Princeton, NJ, USA. It is committed to providing world-class training aimed at making Indian professionals a globally competitive and ethical workforce.

CMI produces original, research-backed training content in the areas of competitiveness and ethical leadership.

CMI provides this training through its FLY Training programs, using the latest Active Learning methodologies.




We are a group of educationalists, entrepreneurs, social scientists and industry leaders dedicated to improving the effectiveness of Indian professionals and helping the nation as a whole compete more effectively on the global stage.

Core Team
Harsh Bhargav CMI.JPG

Harsh Bhargava

Co-Founder and President, CMI

President, Bankworld Inc.

Harsh Bhargava, an MBA from Harvard Business School is currently the President of Bankworld Inc. He is the President and Chief Mentor of the CMI program.

Uday Nadkarni.JPG.jpg

Uday Nadkarni

Co-Founder and Exec. Vice President, CMI

President, Infinix Corporation

An IIT Bombay graduate and a successful entrepreneur in the Information technology field. Uday founded a software and IT services company in 1987 and operated it for more than 32 years. He has a strong interest in education quality, efficiency and competitiveness. At CMI, he has overall strategic and programmatic responsibilities.

Aparna Rajagopal.png

Dr. Aparna Rajagopal

Director, Course Development, CMI

Dr. Aparna Rajagopal is a Ph.D. in Physics and has done research work at Princeton University and Fritz Haber Institute, Germany. She is an educator and designs, coordinates and oversees STEM education in New Jersey. Dr. Rajagopal is one of the lead designers of CMI's FLY (Finding the Leader in You) and other educational programs.


Eric Dauwen

Advisor, CMI Inc.

Honorary Judge at the Belgium Commercial Court

Erik Dauwen was a successful entrepreneur for 25 years with his communication and printing business. As a Certified International Entrepreneurship Instructor, Erik has trained more than 1750 trainers in Europe and India. He is an entrepreneurship curriculum specialist and assisted in developing the FLY Curriculum.


Havovi Trivedi

Vice President-India, CMI

Dean, Ahmedabad University (Retd.)

Prof. Havovi Trivedi was the Founder Director of the B.K. Majumdar Institute of Business Administration (BKMIBA), a Business School established in 1999. She set up the Bachelor's program (1999), the Master’s program (2000) and the 5-year Integrated MBA program at BKMIBA. She continued to head these programs at Ahmedabad University (AU), till June 2016, when she became the Dean of Students at AU. At CMI, Havovi is responsible for India operations.

Aruna Bhargava hi rez photo.JPG

Dr. Aruna Bhargava

Advisor, CMI 

Dr. Aruna Bhargava is a PhD in Sociology from Rutgers University in the US, and has two Masters Degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Sociology. She is a former psychologist and a former professor of sociology and currently coaches trainers in entrepreneurship. As a social scientist, she is involved in the design of various studies and curricula for CMI.

Amrish Garg.jpeg

Dr. Amrish Garg

Advisor, CMI

Research and Education

An IIT Delhi graduate, Dr. Garg completed his MS and PhD at Cornell University. He has work and research experience at Larsen and Toubro, Ltd. in India and later at Bell Labs in New Jersey, USA. He has been involved in teaching in the US, and is affiliated with Asha for Education and coordinates projects in Varanasi and Jhansi. Dr. Garg is actively involved in designing and developing the FLY (Finding the Leader in You) programs.

Uma Oza.jpeg

Uma Oza

Director, Quality, CMI

Uma Oza holds a Master's degree in English Literature, a Bachelor in Education and has completed Teaching for Understanding and Coaching for Understanding courses from Harvard University. She has over 30 years experience teaching and leading ‘Process Work’ and Pedagogy, leadership and soft skills workshops in educational institutes in India and in the Middle East. At CMI, Uma leads Quality and Staff Development.


Our facilitators belong to diverse backgrounds and are chosen after an intensive selection process. Apart from being proficient trainers, they are experts at creating a positive and judgment-free learning environment. Each trainer has their own unique style which allows them to build rapport and facilitate learning.

Anuja Shah.jpg

Anuja Amin


Veena Parameshwaran

Anurima Chatterjee.jpeg

Anurima Chatterjee

Milind profile picture.jpg

Milind Patwardhan

Sourabh Bannerjee_edited.jpg

Sourabh Banerjee

Viraj Vora.jpg

Viraj Vora

Pavani Agarwal.jpg

Pavani Bakeri

Juhi Kothari.JPG

Juhi Kothari




Arpita Kabra


Bharg Mehta


Prankush Agarwal


Rwik Rana


Raavi Patel


Shantanu Jana


Tanisha Aggarwal


Xhitij Choudhary

Student Team
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