FLY Against COVID 19

FLY Against COVID 19 Contest:

Open to all alumni of the FLY program, members of all institutions and organizations (universities, colleges, companies) that have completed/started at least one FLY training program and their friends and colleagues – i.e. open to all. There is no fee to enter. You may enter as an individual or as a team (max. 5 members).

Deadline for submission: May 20, 2020

Contest Objective:

To come up with innovative and practicable ideas, suggestions or solutions that address the myriad problems caused by the current Covid-19/Corona virus pandemic in various aspects of life.

  •  Rs. 5,000 each for the 5 best ideas.

  •  Certificates of Merit awarded to all high scoring entries. Ideas will be judged by CMI for their potential impact, ease of implementation, potential cost, etc.


The Coronavirus pandemic is seriously affecting people in almost every country across the globe. Apart from the threat to life for many people, it has disrupted our normal way of life and the economic well-being of millions of people in rich and poor countries alike. The world is desperately trying to address these myriad problems thrown up by the pandemic – from finding a treatment for infected patients, to slowing the rate of new infections, to providing protection for healthcare workers, to distributing everyday supplies to families in a safe way, etc. See Attachment I for more example areas in which you can think of ideas…


The world needs innovative ideas to tackle all these problems. The people in charge are overwhelmed with the enormous responsibilities they are already facing. We can best help by coming up with ideas to combat this pandemic, even in tiny ways, which could go a long way in making peoples’ lives a little easier, helping get something done a little better, easing a patient’s pain or a jobless person’s financial situation, or even saving a life!


We know that FLY alumni are not just great Problem Solvers, but also Innovative thinkers – not to mention Conscientious and Persevering individuals who can Take Initiative and Lead the way! We want you to put all your energies to work, perhaps use the skills you learned in your FLY training, brainstorm with your friends and come up with ideas for helping any problem, large or small, created by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Entering the Contest is easy! See Attachment II for an entry template that you can use! Write up a description of your idea, what problem it will solve, how it will do so, what impact you think it will have and how you think it can be built or implemented. The more comprehensive your report, the better it will score.


The top 5 best ideas will not only get prizes as shown above, but will be publicly recognized at a future FLY event. CMI will not ask for intellectual rights to your idea. CMI will also provide guidance and advice on how to implement your idea, if selected, in the market. The pandemic is already here and time is short! Please submit your ideas by the deadline above.

Submit your entry by emailing it to

Please see Contest Rules in Attachment III. By submitting an entry, you agree to comply with all Contest Rules.


1)Who can enter the competition?
Anyone above the age of 18 years can enter the contest. It is open for all. There is no entry fee. You have to send your detailed proposal to fight against the pandemic to

2)Can I submit more than one entry to the contest?
Each participant is allowed to send only one entry/proposal to participate in the contest. However, if you have more than one idea, you can share it to someone else, who can independently develop a proposal on it and submit as an individual entry. 

3)Can I participate under the name of my institute or organization?
Sure. You can participate under the name of the institute or organization. If you win the contest, the prize will be awarded to the name under which the entry is received. 

4)Do I have to participate in the contest as an individual? Can I take help of others to develop my idea?
The contest allows you to work in the team of 5 members at max. You can mention their names in the proposal that you send. No more than 5 members should work on one proposal to be considered as a valid entry for the competition.

5)Can I express my idea in a language other than English?
The contest allows you to submit entries in four languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati. However, if you wish to submit a proposal in any other language, do write to us at . We can guide you individually regarding this.

6)Can two or more members of my team submit the same proposal as an individual entry?
The contest requires all entries to be independent from each other as well as original and genuine. Thus, one idea cannot be submitted by more than one member. In that case, all the entries have the chance of being eliminated. 5 members can together submit ONE proposal as a team.

7)Can I write about an idea that I had read in an article?
The contest requires you to submit a proposal that is original, unpublished, and not copied from anywhere. Thus, you can refer to an article to be able to think about different aspects of the situation and get you started on thinking on the line, but copying an idea from somewhere can eliminate you from the competition.

8)On what aspects will my proposal be judged?
The judgment will be based on the details you have provided on your ideas, its ability to be implemented in real world (cost, resources involved, ease of use etc.), the impact it can have on the problem as well as whether it is pertinent to the problem in question. On a good proposal, we would help you to get it a platform for implementation in real world.

9)Is it mandatory to submit the entry as a 1000 word essay?
No, it is not mandatory. You can also make a presentation, video, sketch, or use any other innovative way to explain your idea. It is important that your proposal is explained well in any format. If you are submitting an essay, the limit of it is 1000 words.