For Organizations and Working Professionals


The FLY-Professional program is aimed at working professionals at all levels - entry level through senior management - who may need to work in teams and who value personal and organizational effectiveness. The program inculcates the 5 Pillars of the Competitiveness Mindset - proven to impact these areas of effectiveness.


In 2017, an expert team of educationalists, entrepreneurs, and social scientists in India and in the US with extensive Indian experience began designing and developing a program to build and enhance these five attributes (non-cognitive skills) among students. The program philosophy was predicated on eminent American psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck‘s 30 years of research on what is now well known as the Growth Mindset. The Growth Mindset says non-cognitive qualities or soft skills can be acquired through purposeful practice. The program thus employed active learning techniques that included a minimum of theory or lecture but provided opportunities to participate and practice various techniques in the sessions. 

The program consists of two parts - the first consisting of five sessions of two hours each (one for each pillar): Conscientiousness, Innovativeness, Perseverance, Taking Initiative and Problem Solving. It also covers Setting Norms for conducting team and group exercises sprinkled throughout the sessions. 


These sessions can be conducted over a weekend or 2-day period or spread out over several days in approximately 2-hour sessions.

This is followed by off-class student-led activities that help develop and practice the five pillars on an ongoing basis. The activities include discussion forums on the five pillars, mentoring, exercises, feedback, group projects, etc. This is capped by a 'Capstone' project by student teams that identify a real-world issue/problem and practice all the five pillars in pursuit of an innovative and practical solution.

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