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The FLY program teaches non-cognitive skills (also often referred to as socio-emotional skills) that are of value in personality and character development of students as well as working professionals.​​

Since the inculcation and internalization of these skills often requires a change in mindset, it is important to teach these skills to the impressionable minds of the youth of our country when they are in secondary or higher secondary classes.


A recent blog on the “Power of Investing in People,” by the World Bank talks about “conscientiousness, perseverance and teamwork” and recognizes their critical importance to student achievement “both in and beyond the classroom.”  Mexico has implemented its Construye T program to develop the socio-emotional skills of children in grades 10-12.  Singapore, the top performer in PISA 2015 (PISA assesses education systems globally by 15-year old students’ abilities in science, mathematics and reading), has introduced a model in its schools that incorporate character and citizenship education.


In the FLY program developed by CMI, learning is activity-based and experiential. 


It covers the Five Pillars of the Competitiveness Mindset identified by the CMS study - Innovativeness, Perseverance, Taking Initiative, Problem Solving and Conscientiousness. The goal of the program remains to enable Indian youth to reach their maximum potential in the classroom and beyond.


The FLY-Student program for School students is structured as follows:

  • Designed for school students in grades 11 and 12

  • Consists of approximately 1 hour/week of classroom engagement, for approx. the entire academic year (32 weeks)

  • Program consists of student-centered, interactive classroom instruction, as well as of exercises, reinforcement, team projects, etc. aimed at cementing the classroom training. Students attend classes once a week for the entire course duration. Class structure can be customized to some extent to accommodate the academic schedule.

  • Maximum 36 students per class – because of the interactive nature of the classes. Multiple classes can of course be arranged for additional students.

  • Recommended start of classes at start of academic year.

CMI provides all instructions, facilitators/teachers, etc. Schools will need to provide classrooms, A/V equipment, miscellaneous copies of students materials, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about the FLY-Student program, or your school is interested in signing up for the program, please write to us.




  • Students will learn crucially important Non-Cognitive skills that are necessary for effectiveness in college and in the workplace.

  • These skills will provide students with a foundation for credible Leadership.



  • Students from your school are more likely to excel in college and later in the workplace and be a source of pride to the school.

  • Your school will receive recognition as being a trailblazer in imparting character-building education.

FLY-School beneficiaries 

FLY-School in Jaipur

The FLY-Student program, designed for high-school students, was successfully launched for schools in Jaipur in January 2019. This program teaches the 5 pillars of the Competitiveness Mindset - Conscientiousness, Innovativeness, Taking Initiative, Perseverance and Problem-solving - in a format customized for grade 11-12 students. 

The program is rolled out first as a pilot in Jaipur, with only 5 selected schools participating. Other schools that have signed up for the program will be accommodated on a priority basis once the pilot is concluded.