CMS -Competitiveness Mindset Study

In order to understand what consists of a competitiveness mindset and how we stack up in India, we conducted a first-ever nationwide survey in India under the aegis of IIT Gandhinagar and Bankworld Inc., a management company in the USA. We reached out to thousands of CEOs, high-level government officers, directors and professors of higher educational institutions, media, NRIs and the civil society, who have experience working worldwide and in India. We asked them detailed questions about how, why, where, when and what is causing otherwise capable Indians to give up their advantage to other countries.

FLY - Finding the Leader in You

The FLY (Finding the Leader in You) program is CMI's signature program aimed at inculcating the non-cognitive skills known as the Five Pillars of the Competitiveness Mindset in students and professionals in India across the spectrum. These pillars are:

Capstone Projects

This is a team project intended to help participants practice and internalize what they have learned. Participants identify a real here-and-now problem and find an innovative and practical solution using as many of the five pillars as possible in the process. It is expected to be completed over a four to eight-week period.

CMI facilitators provide regular communications - both in-person and/or via social media - to support, mentor and monitor the project, working closely with the authorities of the institution.

Buddy Exercise

Research shows that LPT (Learn, Practice and Teach) is the most effective method of acquiring new skills - especially for non-cognitive skills. The Buddy System exercise covers the T (Teaching) part of the LPT model. The assignment consists of the participant identifying a colleague, sibling at home or a friend, and “teaching” them one of the pillars over a period of 2-4 weeks. Additional exercise such as the FLY on the Wall – an exercise on observation and inference –may also be carried out where appropriate.

FLY Clubs

All participating colleges are encouraged to form a student-led FLY Club. All FLY participants join the club at their institution. The objective of the club is to create a community of students, who are bound together by their common interest in developing, promoting and practicing the five non-cognitive skills that contribute to a competitive mindset. The activities of the club revolve around a variety of activities
including preparation for the intra-collegiate Capstone Project competition, and possible future intercollegiate competition.

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Focussing on sharing knowledge and learning together, with this initiative, CMI aims at promoting effective leadership and essential soft skills, So share snippets of your experiences, or of others, which relate to leadership, communication, teamwork and other soft-skills that are indispensable in the contemporary world. The experience can be a reflection on a video, a book, an article, or a real-life experience, which had a strong impact on you. The word limit for the snippets is 75 words. The best snippets of the day shall be published on our social media pages. Daily winners shall be declared on the pages and will receive exciting prizes!

FLY Against COVID 19

Do you have an innovative idea that can help solve any of the myriad problems caused by COVID-19? Put on your thinking caps as CMI brings to you the FLY Against COVID-19 Contest!


The coronavirus pandemic has seriously affected people in every country across the globe. Apart from the threat to life, it has disrupted our normal way of life and the economic well-being of millions. It is our duty to contribute in whatever way we can. We must fight this pandemic together. Every bit helps.

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