Nevertheless, the fact remains that geniuses in history possessed, in addition to high IQ, some other traits that contributed to their achievements. Catharine Cox Miles published a study of 300 recognized geniuses and identified a host of qualities, beyond raw intelligence, that predicted “greatness.” By studying these qualities, Harvard researcher Angela Duckworth boiled them down to a single attribute that she defined as ‘grit’, or the perseverance and passion for a long-term goal. She called it a “passion for a single mission with an unswerving dedication to achieve [that mission], whatever the obstacles and however long it might take.”*

Further, in her research Ms. Duckworth has found scientific evidence that these attributes can be cultivated within an individual.


How do we define PERSEVERANCE at CMI? 

Perseverance is the quality that enables you to continue (i.e. persist) to try to do something (a goal) that is difficult.  Because it is difficult, the goal being pursued can be termed a 'stretch goal' and setbacks are likely in the journey toward such a goal.


In the FLY sessions that examine the pillar of Perseverance, participants discover the essential ingredients that make up this invaluable soft skill through discussion, discovery and analysis, together with individual and group exercises. They reflect on their lives to identify instances when they persevered with odds staring them in their face. 


Individually and in groups, the participants learn


  • How to begin the journey toward a valued long-term goal

  • The importance of passion, persistence and self-reliance

  • The strategies to stay focused on that goal

  • The strategies to cope with possible setbacks.