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The Importance of EXTRA in Extra-Curricular activities

Today the entire world is racing towards the 4th industrial revolution, we are frequently talking about high tech Artificial Intelligence and Automation. Students are also increasingly taking up rigorous courses to learn advanced technologies, but the question is, “What will make any student survive and lead in the future?

As per the World Economic Forum’s study, the following skills are going to be critical for excelling in 2020.

Looking at the skillset projected by WEF, it is easy to notice that there are bare minimum courses offered as a part of our core curriculum to hone these skills in a regular classroom. So the question then arises, “What are the possible ways to learn these skills?

There are many ways to learn these skills, but in my opinion, active participation in the Extra-Curricular Activities* can help students a lot.

What is Extra-curricular?

According to the Cambridge dictionary: Extra-curricular activity refers to activity apart of the usual school or college course.

Extra-curricular activities can vary from participating in sports to being part of a club to leading a social initiative or even being a class representative. By participating in extra-curricular activities, you learn about time management, teamwork, planning various projects, interacting with many stakeholders inside and outside the institute campus. You understand the difference between being a part of a team and leading the team. You realize that success doesn’t come overnight, and you have to have patience and make efforts in the right direction. You may lose an important game or a competition but it will teach you the importance of failure.

These are just a few benefits I listed down with my experience, but there are many more which you will learn while participating in extra-curricular activities.

So, the Extra in Extra-Curricular activities is as crucial for your future and career-building as academics. So, get some time from your schedule and participate/lead extra-curricular activities and learn by participating and doing it.

Author: Akash Keshav Singh, Director of Development, CMI Inc.

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