Student Team

Arpita Kabra

Arpita Kabra is a Junior Undergraduate at IIT Gandhinagar in the Department of Electrical Engineering. I have been actively involved with CMI since my first year, and it has been a privilege to to work in the team. I am currently involved with the Social Media Team, we are working with an aim of marking CMI’s presence on all the social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I learnt graphic designing, and yes, have written a few captions! I also gained a good knowledge of how various social media platforms work.  Apart from CMI, I play Volleyball, paint and read. Currently, I am interested in the field of Microelectronics. 

Bharg Mehta

Bharg Mehta is an alumnus of IIT Gandhinagar from Class of 2020 and will be pursuing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics at the University of Pennsylvania from Fall’21. He has been associated with CMI for more than a year and a half. He has a very hands-on approach to activities. With conscientiousness being his favourite pillar, he believes that soft-skills are very important for the development of an individual and so wants to help himself as well as others inculcate those. He has held several leadership positions at IIT Gandhinagar from technical to sports and has volunteered at NYASA the social outreach initiative of IIT Gandhinagar. 

Prankush Agarwal

Prankush Agarwal is a Junior Undergraduate in the Electrical Engineering department at IIT Gandhinagar. He has been associated with CMI for 2 years now. He believes that working for the team helped him assess his weaknesses, directly leading to his growth and development. Apart from being academically inclined, he is highly involved in sports and is a vital part of the institute football team.

Raavi Patel

Raavi Patel, is a Junior Undergraduate student at IIT Gandhinagar. She not only loves to learn and discuss values and soft skills, but can also pen them down in a creative and effective way. She has a habit of analyzing every situation or any problem, figuring out what went wrong and suggesting the best solutions for the same. In the CMI team, her work mainly includes ideation, analysis of CMI’s position on various social media platforms as well as working for improving the same. 

Rwik Rana

Rwik Rana is a Junior Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He is associated with CMI for 1 year now. He believes that hard work perseverance and being down to earth is very important to grow in every aspect in life. According to him extra curricular activities must be given as much importance as one gives to academics. He is involved with the Social media team. Apart from academics, he is an artist, plays the piano and an important part of the Institute Football team.

Shantanu Jana

Shantanu Jana, is a Senior undergraduate in the Discipline of Chemical Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. He has been working with CMI for the last one and half years. His interests include reading, painting and dramatics. He likes to work in teams, solve problems, and firmly believes that success primarily depends on continuously learning from self and others' experiences. He is also the current academic secretary of IIT Gandhinagar.

Tanisha Aggrawal

Tanisha Aggrawal, is an alumnus of IIT Gandhinagar from batch 2020 and is currently working at ZS associates. She has been an integral part of the team for 3 years now and has worked on many activities led by the CMI student team. She believes all the 5 pillars are not only necessary for one's professional development but they also play an important role in one's personal life. Conscientiousness and taking initiative are her personal favorites. Apart from CMI, she has been an active member of Nyasa, a student-run social initiative at IIT Gandhinagar. 

Xhitij Choudhary

Xhitij Choudhary is a Junior Undergraduate at IIT Gandhinagar, from the Department of Civil Engineering. He has been an active member of CMI since his first year. He is mostly involved with the Social Media team, updating social media handles. He also helps in the updating and maintenance of the CMI Website. His array of interests include Swimming, Football, Graphic Designing, and reading books. Xhitij believes in always trying out new things and maintaining an all round curiosity in diverse spheres.