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Harsh Bhargava

Co-Founder and President, CMI Inc.

President, Bankworld, Inc. 

Harsh Bhargava, an MBA from Harvard Business School is currently the President of Bankworld Inc, a prominent Washington DC based Management Consulting company with experience in over 75 countries including projects on competitiveness strengthening in the emerging markets, entrepreneurship and youth. Mr. Bhargava is the Director and Chief Mentor (pro bono) of the CMI program under the aegis of IIT GN.


Mr. Bhargava is also the Founder and the President of I Create Inc, a non-profit corporation, dedicated to creating job creators instead of job seekers. He started his career in India as a Tata Administrative Service officer with Tata Motors before coming to the USA.


Sudhir K Jain

Advisor, CMI Inc.

Director, IIT Gandhinagar

As the Founder Director of IIT Gandhinagar, Prof. Jain has experimented with numerous ideas in curriculum, student affairs, faculty recruitment and faculty management. The Institute under his leadership has successfully created a number of initiatives to inculcate and promote excellence by the faculty and students. With his innovative approach and energetic leadership, the new Institute has carved out a distinct identity in the IIT system. He is an internationally renowned scholar in Earthquake Engineering and a passionate academic administrator.

Prof. Jain played a key role in helping conduct the Competitiveness Mindset Study and rolling out the FLY-Scholar program at IIT Gandhinagar and other colleges in Gujarat.

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Uday Nadkarni

Co-Founder and Exec. Vice President, CMI Inc.

President, Infinix Corporation

An IIT Bombay graduate, Mr. Nadkarni is a successful entrepreneur in the Information technology field. He founded a software and IT services company in 1987 and operated it for more than 30 years. He holds a US patent for technology related to skills database management. He worked previously for Tata Burroughs Ltd., India and W.L. Gore & Associates in the US. He has held several leadership positions in the IIT Bombay Alumni Association in the US, including Board Member, Treasurer, Chapter President and Trustee.

Mr. Nadkarni has a strong interest in education quality, efficiency and effectiveness and has strategic and programmatic responsibilities at CMI.

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Aparna Rajagopal

Director, Course Development, CMI, Inc.

Dr. Aparna Rajagopal is a Ph.D. in Physics and has done research work at Princeton University and Fritz Haber Institute, Germany. She is an educator and designs, coordinates and oversees STEM education in New Jersey. Dr. Rajagopal is one of the lead designers of CMI's FLY (Find the Leader in You) and other educational programs.

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Erik Dauwen

Advisor, CMI Inc.

Honorary Judge at the Commercial Court

Erik Dauwen was a successful entrepreneur for 25 years with his communication and printing business. When he handed his business over to the next generation he founded and directed for 15 years a non-profit entrepreneurship training organization, YouthStart Belgium. Erik is convinced that empowering young people through an entrepreneurial spirit, and by teaching them entrepreneurial attitudes and soft skills, strengthens their self-confidence and provides them with the know-how and tools to integrate socially and professionally.


As a Certified International Entrepreneurship Instructor, Erik has trained more than 1750 Entrepreneurship Trainers in Europe and India. He is an entrepreneurship curriculum specialist and assisted in developing the FLY Curriculum. In January 2019 he was appointed by the Belgian King as an Honorary Judge of the Commercial Court.

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Havovi Trivedi

Vice President-India, CMI Inc.

Prof. Havovi Trivedi was the Founder Director of the B.K. Majumdar Institute of Business Administration (BKMIBA), a Business School established in 1999. She set up the Bachelor's program (1999), the Master’s program (2000) and the 5-year Integrated MBA program at BKMIBA. She continued to head these programs at Ahmedabad University (AU), till June 2016, when she became the Dean of Students at AU.

She headed the Department of Business Management at H.L. College of Commerce for a number of years. She has taught at prestigious institutions like the National Institute of Design, Institute of Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, and for the M.Phil. program at S.D. School of Commerce, Gujarat University. She was appointed as a member of the Peer team for evaluating colleges by the National Accreditation & Assessment Council (NAAC).

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Aruna Bhargava

Advisor, CMI Inc.

Dr. Aruna Bhargava is a PhD in Sociology from Rutgers University in the US, and has two Masters Degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Sociology. She is a former psychologist and a former professor of sociology and currently coaches trainers in entrepreneurship.

Dr. Bhargava is a published author of many books including Everyday Entrepreneurs: The harbingers of prosperity and creators of jobs. The book has had its 5th reprint and is available in six languages. As a social scientist, she is involved in the design of various studies for CMI.

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Amrish Garg

Advisor, CMI Inc.

An IIT Delhi graduate, Dr. Garg completed his MS and PhD at Cornell University. He has work and research experience at Larsen and Toubro, Ltd. in India and later at Bell Labs in New Jersey, USA. He has been involved in teaching in the US, and is affiliated with Asha for Education and coordinates projects in Varanasi and Jhansi. Dr. Garg is supporting Dr. Rajagopal in designing and developing the FLY (Find the Leader in You) program.

Nandini Rao

Advisor, CMI Inc.

Nandini is a corporate with more than 35 years’ experience in the field. She has worked with NIIT and as a course designer with Tata Interactive Systems. She has designed and taught multiple social & emotional development soft skills courses to Teachers , Parents and Students of the K-12 sector. Nandini was Co-Founder & COO of SmartQ Education Solutions Pvt Ltd, a mutli-level program franchiser. She also founded a voluntary social group Lok Udaan and remains a Life Skills Coach for different sectors.

Akash Keshav

Director of Development, CMI Inc.

Akash is an alumnus of IIT Gandhinagar from Class of 2015, currently working as Business Development Executive at Arista Networks, Pune. He was involved in CMI since the start of the initiative while serving as the General Secretary of the student council at IIT Gandhinagar. He has been closely working with the student team, and the CMI Leadership together on all major fronts. 
Dedicated to the cause of developing the youth of India to global levels in all fields, Akash believes that change needs a two-way solution- bottoms-up and top-down approach together. 
He was involved with various administrative initiatives, and also lead Nyasa, a social organization of education of underprivileged kids at IIT Gandhinagar. 
Akash has given talks about entrepreneurship, his experiences as a student leader in a developing institute, and on navigating the challenges of undergraduate life at various IITs and other premier institutes in India and Sri Lanka.