The Competitiveness Mindset Institute (CMI) is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to research and education in the area of competitiveness, professional effectiveness and leadership. Our focus is on developing these skills among students in schools and universities, as well as among young working professionals - currently in India.

CMI was born out of research into why India performed poorly on exports compared to other comparable countries. This research showed that Indian professionals under-performed in certain qualities that together made up a competitiveness mindset that was necessary to compete in the global marketplace.

CMI was launched in 2017 in Princeton, NJ, by a group of educationalists, entrepreneurs, social scientists and industry leaders dedicated to improving the effectiveness of Indian professionals and helping the nation as a whole compete more effectively on the global stage.

CMI produces and delivers high-quality education in soft or non-cognitive skills based on objective research. The education is aimed at youth and working professionals to make them globally competitive through a change of mindset. CMI is currently focused on delivering this education in India.

Our Mission

CMI is dedicated to research and education in the area of competitiveness, professional effectiveness and ethical leadership among students in universities and schools, as well as among professionals in India.


Our Vision

To inculcate professional effectiveness, competitiveness and ethical leadership among students in universities and schools, as well as among professionals, so that they can compete with the best in the world.  

Our Team