on the FLY Program

Student Experiences

Watch a 5-minute video prepared by FLY alumni

"The session was interactive, informative, and interesting. The concepts were well-explained and demonstrated using real-life examples and the understanding was assessed using group activities and class discussions.

- Ishita Arun, / B.Tech / IIT Gandhinagar / FLY alumns

It was the best ever experience. We learnt many new things during those 2 days. Particularly the concept  of 5 pillars is quite amazing. The content was understandable and could be easy correlated to real life. The ‘3 Why's Technique’ for problem solving is one of my favourite learnings from FLY.  

 -Rabari Nirmal, / BE, CSE / SVIT, VASAD/ FLY alumns

"Absolutely the best program - entertaining and the most informative session, hands down!"

 -Akshay D. / B.Tech / IIT Gandhinagar / FLY alumns

“I would recommend this to others irrespective of their age because the solutions provided to the competitiveness are practical which will help them to lead a much better professional and personal life.”

 -Animesh Rastogi, / B.Tech / IIT Gandhinagar / FLY alumns

The one most important thing which I learned from FLY is that if we want to change something then we must take the initiative for it. 

 -Yesha Arora, / BE (IT), SVIT, VASAD / FLY alumns