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Finding the Leader in You - Scholar

Skill enhancement training for college-level students that improves their competitiveness, personal effectiveness, leadership ability and self-confidence - skills that employers specifically look for.

What Participants Gain

  • Bring the 5 most needed competitiveness skills to potential employers: 

    • Conscientiousness

    • Perseverance

    • Innovativeness

    • Taking Initiative

    • Problem Solving

  • Develop a well-rounded professional personality that can address real-world problems and lead others - qualities that employers universally look for in candidates.

  • Develop advanced communication skills – not just how to say something, but what to communicate to build relationships, trust and credibility.

  • Improve performance right away in class and subsequently in the workplace.

  • Build a foundation of skills for ethical leadership and competitiveness that are discernible to employers.

Program Overview

  • 14 in-class sessions of 2 hours each

  • Off-class exercises and projects

  • Individual and team activities

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Course handbook

  • Certificate of completion from CMI, USA

  • Access to the FLY Internship program

  • Lifetime access to the FLY alumni community

Who can benefit from FLY-Scholar?

Educational institutions, Colleges and Universities that:

  • Wish to improve placement ratios and increase the value of their graduates to potential employers.

  • Aim to attract the best talent by enhancing the employability of their students.

  • Want to differentiate themselves from other higher education institutions (HEIs) by offering a more multi-skilled, complete education.

  • Want to better align themselves with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 (to provide their students with a more holistic and multi-disciplinary education) and meet regulatory requirements.

For first-year undergraduate to Ph.D. and Post Doc students that:

  • Want to enhance their competitiveness to win jobs in reputed companies.

  • Wish to progress faster in their career through better personal effectiveness and practical leadership.

  • Plan to study at advanced educational institutes anywhere in the world, and get the most out of their education there.

  • Want to learn how to collaborate with international teams or work with corporations that have a global presence.

Cost and Value

Research shows that improvements in certain specific non-cognitive skills significantly improves personal effectiveness, competitiveness and leadership abilities - attributes highly prized by employers and that are also unfortunately, uncommon.

Even small improvements in students' abilities in these areas can significantly enhance the value of your institution in the eyes of both employers and prospective students.

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Improvements in non-cognitive skills significantly improve effectiveness, competitiveness and leadership abilities of your employees.

Please contact us to request a customized time and cost schedule for a dedicated FLY-Scholar program your institution.

CMI Scholarships are available for qualifying financially challenged students in your educational institution, including full waivers of cost. Please click on the button below and Request a Callback to learn more about the CMI Scholarships program, or to schedule a program.

Request Callback

Two options to choose from:
Dedicated Classes for group participants in
organizations and educational institutions; and
Open Classes for individuals.

Dedicated Classes

for Organizations and Educational Institutions

  • Available separately for both FLY-Scholar (for educational institutions) and FLY-Professional (for organizations).

  • Restricted to your employees or students

  • Scheduled per your convenience.

  • Sessions scheduled flexibly, during regular work hours, evenings, weekends or any combination.

  • In-person at your premises (regulations permitting) or On-line.

  • Freer class discussions that can be more directly related to your organizational situations

  • Limited, means-based CMI Scholarships for eligible students

  • Customized pricing

Open Classes

for Everyone

  • Currently available only for FLY-Scholar on-line classes

  • Regularly scheduled Open classes to help you plan around your other commitments

  • Individual sign-ups, open to all

  • Opportunity to interact with classmates of varied backgrounds

  • Online classes, instructor-led and fully participatory, can be taken from the comfort of your own home

The 5 Critical Skills

The entire training is divided into sessions. Each session is 4 hours long and divided into two parts. We focus on creating learner-centred learning environments which make participants self-confident, self-directed, and proactive.


What it is & how to develop it. Addressing open-ended issues in group settings through socratic seminars.


Understanding innovativeness in creating products, services and processes. Learning how to develop an innovative mindset.


Understanding reasons why we fail to persevere. Learning how to develop perseverance.

Taking Initiative

Identifying habits of mind essential for taking initiative. Developing tools/habits to help take initiative.

Problem Solving

Identifying the real problem, i.e. the root cause, not the symptom. Developing abilities to find a practical and doable solution.

Find out why these skills matter and
how they help in increasing competitiveness.

"...thanks to CMI for giving an opportunity to the students, especially the Engineering students to learn something that they are actually going to use in practical life."

 Kamal Singh Rajput
B.Tech Student

 "...I really got improved my communication skills, before the session I was like an introvert, so I am glad I speak up in front of people and solve problems together."

"How to set goals and how to fight with failure?  The problem in society is what can we do? I learnt many things and got an idea of how to fight with it..."

Mohammad Zeeshan Khan
B.Tech Student

Akshat Pakhale
B.Tech Student

  • How is the FLY-Professional program structured?
    The FLY-Professional program is offered both on-line (via Zoom) and in-person (regulations permitting). Both styles are structured as follows: - Thirteen (13) 2-hour sessions, generally held in accordance with a mutually developed schedule for each class, e.g. 1 pm to 3 pm every weekday, or 11 am to 1 pm alternate weekdays, etc. - Off-class assignments, exercises and team projects are assigned during and after these sessions. Post-session projects are generally to be completed within 2-3 weeks of assignment.
  • What is the time commitment asked of me for the program?
    FLY programs are designed to minimize interference with your work schedules and loads. Other than attendance of the in-class sessions, we estimate the program requires approximately 10 hours of additional time for assignments and projects. These 10 hours are generally spread over several weeks. The time you take may vary depending on various factors, including the nature of the projects you undertake.
  • How/When are the FLY classes scheduled?
    FLY-Professional programs are 'Dedicated' programs scheduled exclusively for your organization. Class schedules are mutually determined by you and CMI - based on your convenience, availability of your participants, CMI facilitator schedules, etc. For example, classes (which are 2 hours each) can be scheduled late mornings every alternate weekday, or two classes can be held back-to-back weekend mornings, etc.
  • What kind of employees is the training designed for?
    FLY-Professional training is broadly designed for any employees who work with others (both inside the organization (e.g. with team members) as well as outside (e.g. with prospects, customer teams, vendors, etc.). Employees from any organizational department - e.g. manufacturing, sales and marketing, engineering, administration - can benefit. Because the program is designed promote the practice of the non-cognitive skills it teaches, employees from entry level up to middle management would directly benefit from the program.
  • There are a lot of training programs available. How is FLY different?
    FLY training is the only program available that offers the set of specific non-cognitive kills that it offers - specifically, Conscientiousness, Taking Initiative, Innovativeness, Perseverance and Problem Solving. These specific skills are identified by research to be the most important for competitiveness and also most lacking in the average professional. Targeted non-cognitive skills training is also realtively 'low-hanging fruit' for increasing competitiveness, effectiveness and productivity of employees - because it amplifies the hard skills your employees may already possess, and enables teams to strongly improve their effectiveness. FLY training has been developed by CMI, a non-profit dedicated to improving the competitiveness of professionals. Content is based on substantial research and is designed to promote changes in professional practices to improve competitiveness.
  • If you are a non-profit organisation, why do you charge for your programs?"
    Even though we are a not-for-profit, we charge for our training programs in order to cover our costs to deliver our courses, pay our staff, maintain organizational and administrative infrastructure, develop and update course material, provide customer support, etc. We also use the fees (along with donations we receive) we charge to those who can afford them to subsidize our youth programs (FLY-Scholar and FLY-Junior) for those who can not (see CMI Scholarships).
  • I have more questions. How do I connect with a live person?
    Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to send us your questions. We will respond promptly by phone, email or text per your request.
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