FLY- Finding the Leader in You


The FLY (Finding the Leader in You) program teaches non-cognitive skills (also often referred to as socio-emotional skills) that are of value in personality and character development of students as well as of working professionals. The FLY program evolved directly out of the results of the CMS surveys that showed that the 5 Pillars of the Competitiveness Mindset -

- would have an outsize impact on the effectiveness of India's youth and professionals, and consequently on India's performance on the whole in global competitiveness, if they could be inculcated widely in India's young students and professionals.

A group of experts based in the US - including educationalists, business leaders, teachers, social scientists and entrepreneurs - put together the FLY course to develop, strengthen and inculcate these 5 pillars among students.

FLY courses are highly interactive, self-discovery, participatory and practice-oriented courses - not lectures. They typically constitute collaborative classroom work followed by a class or home exercises, reinforcements, feedback and projects that build on the work done in the classroom. There are no tests or exams - students learn without the pressure to perform or measure up.

The course itself is designed at three different levels based on the target audience: