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Finding the Leader in You - Professional

A skill enhancement training for working professionals that improves  the competitiveness of both the individual and the organisation.

What Participants Gain

  • Inculcate the 5 critical competitiveness skills necessary to become more effective in everything you do, and to lead at all levels of the organization:

    • Conscientiousness

    • Perseverance

    • Innovativeness

    • Taking Initiative

    • Problem Solving

  • Amplify the hard skills employees already possess to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Develop a foundation for ethical leadership and professionalism within each individual and the team unit.

  • Build a competitive mindset based on the skills above that promotes best practices leading to consistently better performance.

  • Refine communication skills, overcome cultural traits and develop work habits to improve productivity in multiple ways.

Program Overview

FLY-Professional is a real-time, instructor-led, participatory program (approximately 32 hours of engagement) designed for working professionals, available both in-person and on-line, consisting of:

  • 13 in-class sessions of 2 hours each

  • Specially designed individual and team exercises and projects to put into practice the skills learned in the in-class sessions. 

  • Estimated total duration of in-class and off-class work: approx. 34-36 hours

  • Individual and group activities

  • Course handbook

  • Lifetime access to the FLY alumni community

  • Certificate of completion from CMI, USA

Dedicated programs are available for your organization. Request Callback to learn more. 

Open Classes are regularly scheduled for individuals who wish to improve their competitiveness and leadership skills.

Who can benefit from FLY-Professional?

Corporate organizations, non-profits, government and educational institutions that:

  • Are looking to build teams that can compete better in global or local markets.

  • Aim to develop a foundation for ethical leadership among employees.

  • Develop more productive work habits in their employees and their team units.

  • Want to improve the overall effectiveness of individual employees and teams - through use of their non-cognitive abilities.

  • Desire to promote a higher level of conscientiousness among their teams, leading to higher productivity.

Dedicated Classes

for Organizations and Institutions

  • Restricted to your employees and nominees.

  • Sessions are scheduled flexibly, during regular work hours, evenings, weekends or any combination.

  • In-person at your premises (regulations permitting) or online.

  • Freer class discussions that can be more topical to your issues.

  • Capstone team projects could be customized for relevance.

  • Customized pricing.

Open Classes

for Individuals

  • Open to anyone with at least 1 year of working experience.

  • Regularly scheduled classes held typically evenings and/or weekends or a combination.

  • Held on-line - attend from the comfort of your own home or office.

  • Certified instructor-led and fully participatory.

  • Opportunity to interact with people of varied backgrounds and experience.

Cost and Value

Research shows that improvements in certain specific, non-cognitive skills significantly improve professional effectiveness, competitiveness and leadership ability - an efficient and effective way to improve productivity.

Even small improvements in employee productivity can result in large financial gains - both, potential increases in revenue, and in individual and team productivity - for organizations.

These returns from the FLY-Professional training - which will accrue year after year - dwarf the one-time investment the program requires.

Businesswoman Portrait

Improvements in non-cognitive skills significantly improve effectiveness, competitiveness and leadership abilities of your employees.

Please contact us to request a customized time and cost schedule for your organization.

Significantly reduced pricing is available for qualifying not-for-profit and charitable organizations.

Request Callback

The 5 Critical Skills

The entire training is divided into sessions. Each session is 4 hours long and divided into two parts. We focus on creating learner-centered learning environments which make participants self-confident, self-directed, and proactive.


What it is & how to develop it. Addressing open-ended issues in group settings through socratic seminars.


Understanding Innovativeness in creating products, services and processes. Learning how to develop an innovative mindset.


Understanding reasons why we fail to persevere. Learning how to develop perseverance.

Taking Initiative

Identify the habits of mind essential for taking initiative. Developing tools/habits to help take initiative.

Problem Solving

Identifying the real problem, i.e. the root cause, not the symptom. Developing abilities to find a practical and doable solution.

Find out why these skills matter and
how they help in increasing competitiveness.
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