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Adapting to Exceptional Times

Extraordinary times require remarkable leadership of not only a few but of each and every one.

As we are amidst once in a century event, almost the entire world is in a state of lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all parts of the world - developed, developing and under-developed nations. With practically no country spared, the world needs phenomenal leaders to guide humanity safely out of this situation.

Such times demand the leadership to adapt and persevere to achieve the goals. Perseverance has always been about taking that one step forward in difficult and challenging situations. In these rare times, perseverance essentially entails restraining oneself to physically NOT take that one-step but rather be indoors.

History bears testimony to numerous incidents when the nation has stood as one in demanding situations. The Unity rallies in Paris, Relief Operations for Indian Ocean Tsunami and the Kyoto Protocol are some of the best examples. The recent crisis created by COVID-19 again calls for such unity; however, this time by Social Distancing. We need to be one, this time not by gathering in huge masses but being physically isolated.

Divide and Rule’ is one of the established strategies to gain control in adverse situations by dividing the target population. The Britishers in India, Americans in the Middle East and Germans in Rwanda successfully used this technique. This is the opportunity for us to use the technique. The current situation warrants the use of this technique but in a contrary manner by dividing ourselves thereby isolating the target virus.

Our target is deadly and invisible but not invincible. To defeat this viral enemy, we need to be innovative and ‘think out of the BOX’ by ‘staying within the BOX.’

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