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And It All Starts With a Problem

"Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines" Robert Schuller

I remember having forgotten a test that was to be conducted and missed preparing for the same, oh! I did perform miserably. The outcome, I became more focused and organized. Planned this road trip with friends, believe me, it was all planned to the T, but we experience a flat tire in the middle of the night, none of us experienced at changing one. The struggle became the most memorable part of our whole trip, and I am a pro at changing tires now!

Each day begins as a routine and routes into crisis mode from time and time (P.S depending on dramatic we are!). Missed the alarm – woke up late- late for work- missing the lecture or meeting or your general punctuality effected. This whole thing of having a “problem” seems to be an inescapable event that happens throughout the course a day, making it a partner for life. Many even start labeling their lives as difficult or miserable when faced with a series of something called a problem.

Now don’t tell me “facing a slight problem” “I think I have a problem” are not some statements that you use every day at least once! I see that smile. You know you do!

My problem is not with having problems the “real problem” is who decided and categorized it

as something unfortunate/unlucky or even disastrous - altogether negating it? Spawning an aura of uncertainty around a situation, eventually giving rise to fear and anxiety-inducing paralyzed and diminutive thinking.

Can you think of any problem that that didn’t lead to anything good? No matter how subsequent or delayed the outcome was - something productive/positive/progressive did come of it. We have misplaced the notion of what problems are. They are just unrecognized, untapped opportunities and possibilities waiting for us to explore.

The point I am trying to establish here is why this whole perception that having a problem is a nuisance, trouble, maybe quandary but certainly not a dead-end. Can you think of anything you worked or acted upon that you progressed or upgraded without running into a problem- a hurdle first?

No doubt impediments are demanding and sometimes most vexing. But think of all the adrenaline rush, anticipation, energy surge, and the feeling of being alive and wanting to do, that we experienced when challenged with a problem. The whole process of thinking, analyzing, and implementing is so enthralling. After all, famous quotes often emphasis that life is a journey and not a destination.

Take a minute here and now with me and think, has any worthwhile modification you have made in your career or yourself that presently take pride in has come without being assisted by a problem? Whence were you able to recognize it, what made you move towards it? Walk a little back to find the answers.

Wanting to work harder, to do better – be better, that’s the beauty of a problem. That reminded me of a quote mysteriously attributed to Captain Jack Sparrow from “The Pirates of the Caribbean - Movie” “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Isn’t it amazing what a problem does!

Still not convinced?

Well then that is a problem, how do you plan to solve it? Author: Vidhi Patil Image Credits :

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