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The Pursuit of SUCCESS

SUCCESS, a 7 letter word that we all pursue 24x7, 7 days a week, week after week, month after month and year after years. Still, not many make it to the so-called ‘Lucky’ or ‘Elite’ group of people who get the taste and feel of SUCCESS.

Most of us end-up our pursuit mid-way, choosing to aim low and hitting it, settling down for a lot less; less happiness, less fulfillment and less impact.


Let’s unlock this mystery by using a lock analogy.

  • Imagine, if SUCCESS resembled a lock, then there definitely must be some key that unlocks this elusive treasure.

  • Visualise yourself at a lock store and the salesperson displaying in front of you different types of locks with beautiful designs, sizes and colours.

  • No matter how exactly similar some of these locks may appear to you, each one holds a different key.

  • Similarly, SUCCESS also tends to be pretty subjective in nature and hence, means differently to different people.

  • So, it’s quite possible that what SUCCESS means to you could be very different from what it means to your friends, colleagues, siblings and even parents for that matter.

Who holds the Key to your SUCCESS?

When we fail to define our SUCCESS in alignment of our values and beliefs, no matter what we achieve in life, it can’t be termed true SUCCESS; it is merely our achievement of the expectations of others. So, if your SUCCESS is what you define and not what others determine, obviously it is you, who holds the key to your SUCCESS.

Charles Swindoll rightly said, “Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it.”

No matter who you are, what resources you have, where you come from, remember one thing, you and only you are responsible for your life. You hold the key to your SUCCESS.

Finding the right Key

You might be wondering that if we are the ones who hold the key to our SUCCESS, then why do we so often fail, why do we face disappointments and rejections, why do we fail to unlock SUCCESS?

The answer is simple: We fail to achieve because we fail to believe. We fail to believe the hard fact that our SUCCESS totally depends on us, it begins inwards and our key to SUCCESS is always within ourselves; and the key is ‘EARN Yourself’.

EARN yourself: Your Master Key to SUCCESS

Have you ever heard of a MASTER KEY? That one magical key which can open any and every lock, no matter what. Similarly, ‘EARN yourself’ can be your unique success tool; your master key to any and every SUCCESS in life.

So, what is ‘EARN Yourself’? EARN is an acronym wherein

  • E is Explore Yourself (Discovering your strengths and weaknesses)

  • A is Accept Yourself (Developing self-acceptance and self-esteem)

  • R is Redefine Yourself (Reinventing and setting Goals, leveraging strengths)

  • N is Nurture Yourself (Developing a Growth mindset, life-long learning)


Caution! EARN Yourself is not a one-time execution strategy but an ongoing, never-ending cycle of self-improvement and personal development. It’s for those who are relentless, fearless and choose to be uncommon. If you belong to this group, good luck and get going, if not, remember,

“You don’t have to be great to start; you have to start to be great.”

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