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Go for a Stroll!—Think, Reflect, embrace Serendipity

Many a time, it feels that things are going out of hand, things are moving too fast ... Is our life in our control? Is it still—‘Hey there! I am using WhatsApp ’ or has it become ‘Hey there! WhatsApp’s been using me’? Or a more cardinal question, do we know certainly — well, what we are doing with ourselves? Could we do better? Where are we investing our tritely ‘precious’ time and has its harvest been commensurate enough?

Definitely, some of these questions do not have cogent answers, also more often, we might not have the right tools to track them, however, do we even put in efforts contemplating them? Amidst these days of unprecedented times, where the relatively blithely days are almost bygone, there's perhaps a burgeoning need to spend some time and reflect on our activities—think what and how we have been doing—react and adapt accordingly (seems so easy when just said!). This very art or skill (or whatever) of thinking, reflecting, learning, and adapting is often related to something known as ‘metacognition’—’thinking about thinking’ (way too fancy!). But I am no psychologist or scientist who has done research or read a myriad of articles on this (as you would have noticed, that was a wiki link). However, I have implemented this art unbeknownst several times (and so might have you), which has now become kind of a habit. But moreover, having started being conscious about the same lately, has turned out to be pretty resourceful. What you need is a strategic mindset. A very easy way to address this is by spending some deliberate time for and with yourself—I call it the ‘Me Time’. The beauty of this is, these ‘Me Time’s are utterly flexible and tractable—you decide how much you want, and when you want—but you have (and will like) to have them, at least sporadically. All you need to do during this ‘Me Time’ of yours is to put your enervating phone (or other gadgets) aside, and reflect back on the way you have been spending time for the past few days—what are the major projects you have been working upon? What mistakes did you do during those endeavours? Can you think of a better way to address them? Have those events helped you grow in some aspect? Do you plan to embark on a new journey? What if I had camouflaging skin? (that wasn’t a typo). Such simple (and sometimes seemingly stupid) questions and their veracious responses can guide us well in addressing our future courses of actions, feed our brains with interesting thoughts and ideas, keep a track on our improvements, and identify, rectify, and own our mistakes (more on this by Prankush).

All you need is a small amount of time with yourself. You could idly sit on the couch after lunch, roam around in your bedroom if you aren’t much soporific that night, or just go in the evening to some balmy, tranquil neighbourhood and take a stroll for an hour or half; let—your ideas connect, your brain rejuvenate, your prescience flourish, the serendipity flow in, and get charged up until next time!

P.S.: This write-up is a product of one such stroll (except coming home and jotting it down).

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