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Research Training 
in Non-Cognitive Skills 

related to Competitiveness and Ethical Leadership

Founding Team of CMI

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The Competitiveness Mindset Institute (CMI) is a certified (USA and India) non-profit organization based in Kendall Park, NJ, USA, dedicated to research and education in non-cognitive skills.


CMI offers Competitiveness and Leadership training (FLY programs) based on its research - that conclusively shows how certain, specific non-cognitive skills can profoundly enhance competitiveness, personal effectiveness, leadership ability and productivity.

Independent observers reported an improvement of 26% in non-cognitive skills exhibited by individuals who took FLY-Professional training, in a longitudinal study.  Learn more...

The FLY Training Programs

FLY (Finding the Leader in You) training programs focus on developing the top 5 non-cognitive skills* that research has shown are both critically important to competitiveness and also most wanting (on average) among professionals. These skills also help focus and amplify the technical (or hard) skills that you have learned over the years so that you become more effective in everything you do.


FLY training programs are not web-based videos. They are highly rated, real-time, instructor-led, small-group, highly participatory, action-oriented programs, that are offered both in-person and online.

Which are these top critical skills?                                                                                               What participants say...

And why do they matter?                                                                                                             How Effective is FLY?

FLY Professional Course Photograph

FLY-Professional training is designed to improve the overall effectiveness of your teams - by developing the top 5 non-cognitive skills* that most affect competitiveness and productivity.


The program focuses on:

  • building leadership and communication skill

  • improving team's ability to work collaboratively

  • learning how to solve real-world problems

It does so by helping participants understand, practice and incorporate these skills into their professional work habits.

FLY Scholar Course Photograph

FLY-Scholar training is designed for college-level students to develop key non-cognitive skills most sought by employers*.


The program focuses on:

  • improving students' overall effectiveness in class

  • excelling in job interviews 

  • becoming more effective in the workplace

It does so by helping students understand, practice and incorporate these critical non-cognitive skills in their behaviour and regular work habits.

FLY Junior Course Photograph

FLY-Junior training is designed for high school students - grades 10th through 12th - to develop key non-cognitive skills that will help them succeed in college, at work and in life*.


The program focuses on:

  • improving students' overall effectiveness in class

  • internalizing techniques for practicing essential non-cognitive skills 

  • becoming more self-assured

It does so by helping students understand, practice and incorporate these critical non-cognitive skills in their behavior and regular work habits.

* From the nationwide research study and analysis, on which FLY training is based.

The FLY programs are different.

FLY training programs are Competitiveness and Leadership development programs that are based on research that identified exactly what affects competitiveness and what skills develop the attribute.


  • Build specific, research-backed, non-cognitive skillsnot generic soft skills - that have been identified as the ones that have the maximum impact on improving our competitive performance.

  • Are real-time, instructor-led, interactive and action-oriented programs, not web-based courses.

  • Are full-length, 34-hour, comprehensive programs designed to help you not just understand but to learn the techniques, to practice them, and then internalize them.

  • Teach putting skills into practice in life and at work, with our proprietary L.I.F.E. framework.

  • Use the latest Active Learning Pedagogy developed by educationalists, social scientists and corporate leaders, based on the results of ground-breaking research.

  • Are designed and developed from the ground up by the non-profit Competitiveness Mindset Institute (CMI), based in New Jersey, USA.

  • Are very highly rated by participants. Read what they have to say about the FLY programs.


India is a nation of capable people - so why are we lagging behind in global competitiveness?

CMI | Per Capita Exports of BRICs economies

Per Capita Exports of BRICs economies*

While India has made substantial strides in economic growth, why does it lag behind in global competitiveness as compared with other BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) economies?

* Source: International Trade Center, Geneva, Switzerland

Research pinpointed 5 critical non-cognitive skills necessary to become more globally competitive.

We conducted a nationwide study to identify factors that can boost India’s export performance overall, our competitiveness at the individual, team and organization levels, and consequently help our economic performance, including job creation. This research identified key factors that affect Indians’ competitiveness mindset.

The FLY-Training is designed based on these specific findings - to create targeted training that directly helps every kind of individual to become more effective in everything they do, using the technical skills they already have!

"...thanks to CMI for giving an opportunity to the students, especially the Engineering students to learn something that they are actually going to use in practical life."

 "...I really got improved my communication skills, before the session I was like an introvert, so I am glad I speak up in front of people and solve problems together."

"How to set goals and how to fight with failure?  The problem in society is what can we do? I learnt many things and got an idea of how to fight with it..."

 Kamal Singh Rajput
B.Tech Student

Mohammad Zeeshan Khan
B.Tech Student

Akshat Pakhale
B.Tech Student

IIT Gandhinagar FLY alumni -
Hear what they say

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