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Competitiveness Mindset Institute

Fostering Creativity, Perseverance, Initiative, Problem-solving and Conscientiousness through a change of mindset.

'Finding the Leader in You (FLY) – non-cognitive skills training.’

The Competitiveness Mindset Institute (CMI) is a US 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to research and education in the area of competitiveness, professional effectiveness and leadership. Our focus is on developing these skills among students in schools and universities, as well as among young working professionals - currently in India.

We do this by developing and delivering focused, interactive courses on specific non-cognitive skills that have been shown to directly contribute to competitiveness, effectiveness and leadership. The courses we develop are based on research to help identify the skills needed and develop targeted instruction based on the profiles of the intended audiences.

Our Vision is to see every graduating student and every professional in India be as effective in the productive exercise of their skills, perform as competitively in the global marketplace as the best in the world, and exercise ethical leadership in all they do.


Our Mission is to provide targeted education to students and professionals to develop specific skills to achieve these non-cognitive abilities in a reasonable period of time and at reasonable or no cost to them.

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The Five Pillars

of the Competitiveness Mindset
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