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The Five
Critical Skills

These skills objectively make a real difference to becoming more competitive.

What exactly are they?

And why do they matter to competitiveness?

Comprehensive research has shown that these are the five top skills (out of 22) that are the most essential to competitiveness, and are also the most lacking in us.

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What is it?

The quality of doing things with integrity and professionalism.

Why it matters to Competitiveness

Conscientiousness breeds trust and dependability - key attributes to win confidence in one's product, service or oneself.

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What is it?

The quality of continuing efforts on difficult issues.

Why it matters to Competitiveness

Perseverance instills the confidence in others that any task or approach has been exhaustively addressed - based on which productive actions can be taken.

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Taking Initiative

What is it?

The quality of responding to needs without being told.

Why it matters to Competitiveness

Taking Initiative is at the heart of leadership - nobody wants to follow anyone who waits around waiting to be told what to do.

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Problem Solving

What is it?

The quality of identifying and analyzing problems correctly & devising enduring solutions.

Why it matters to Competitiveness

Not just analysis, but defining real-world problems properly, addressing the right problem, finding root causes, are all a critical part of developing useful solutions that deliver value.

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What is it?

The quality of putting creative thinking to practical use.

Why it matters to Competitiveness

Being creative is not enough. Thinking innovatively for every task we undertake is what leads to unique competitive advantage - products or services that are unique in however small a way.

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Learn more about the results of our research study on assessing global competitiveness.

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