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About CMI's
Training Programs

Research conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Centre, and the Carnegie Foundation concluded that
85% of job success comes from possessing well developed non-cognitive skills and people skills.

Non-cognitive Skills and Competitiveness

Non-cognitive skills directly affect all the traditional 'hard skills' that we learn and amplify their effectiveness at work and in life.

Most of us need formal non-cognitive skills training because we have never been systematically exposed to them, unlike our global competitors.

Without training in these non-cognitive skills, we are left to chance - to learn from our experiences - an extremely slow and incomplete process.

Which Non-cognitive Skills?

There are lots of non-cognitive or 'soft' skills, so which ones are important? CMI's research, based on a nationwide survey of thousands of CEOs, academia and thought leaders in India, has shown conclusively that certain specific non-cognitive skills have an outsize impact on competitiveness and professional effectiveness. CMI's highly rated FLY programs are designed to offer training in specifically these, not generic, non-cognitive skills:

  • Conscientiousness

  • Perseverance

  • Taking Initiative

  • Innovativeness

  • Problem Solving

Key Competitiveness Mindset Attributes and Effects

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CMI's highly rated Finding the Leader in You (FLY) training programs are based on this research to help you develop and put into practice these 5 essential skills to improve competitiveness and develop leadership.

FLY Professional Course Photo


For Organizations and

Working Professionals

The FLY-Professional training program is an approximately 30-hour program that helps improve both individual effectiveness in the workplace and the overall competitiveness of your teams.

FLY Scholar Course Photo


For Educational Institutions

and College-level Students

The FLY-Scholar training program is an approximately 30-hour program that helps college students develop key non-cognitive skills that are most sought after by employers (as research has shown). They round out their abilities and enable them to express their technical (hard) skills much more effectively.

FLY Junior Course Photo


For Schools and

High-School Students

The FLY-Junior training program is an approximately 30-hour program that helps high-school students develop key non-cognitive skills that prepare them for their more independently managed lives in college and beyond. Non-cognitive skills are best learned as early as possible in a high-school child's development..

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