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'Chalta Hai' Pandemic

As the current Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the world in an obvious way, there is an attitude in us that has been crippling our competitiveness silently, individually as well as collectively! This pandemic is 'Chalta hai' attitude!

The striking difference between Covid-19 pandemic and 'Chalta hai' pandemic is, we usually observe ourselves for symptoms of physical disease, while we keep observing the symptoms of attitudinal disease in others and often do not see glaring symptoms of it in self!

In a state like Gujarat, people vehemently opposed the curfew declared by government to control the spread of pandemic and protested with 'Nahi Chalta hai!'. However, we are forgetting that our 'Chalta hai' attitude in following social distancing protocol led the government to take harsh steps of curfew.

This attitude is the attitude of mediocrity! It does not let a person, a team, or a nation get ahead in terms of growth and competitiveness. We practice this behavior in minor personal tasks such as completing an assignment thoroughly or cleaning a desk to bigger tasks that affects others as well, such as paying taxes or following traffic rules!

This attitude of mediocrity is weakening our all five pillars of leadership! Which thought makes us do something wrong when no one is looking? Why do we give up so easily? We are hesitant to think out of the box as far as things are working out with existing products or systems. Standing in crowd and not taking any action to solve a problem or fulfill a need does not embarrass us. We go for 'Jugaad' and do not care about solving problems permanently by finding its roots. The roots of all these weak skills lie in the attitude of 'Chalta hai!'

If we want to progress as a human, a professional, as a part of the society, as a citizen of a nation or as a leader, it is mandatory that we give up the attitude of mediocrity and strive for giving attention to details and yearning for perfection! To find the leader in you, to nurture that leader and to be one who others follow with faith; let us rise above the attitude of mediocrity and start saying, 'Nahi Chalta hai!'

Author: Viraj Vora, Master Trainer

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