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The Leadership mindset that triumphs!

The COVID 19 has brought the world to its knees! It has jolted us all out of our comfortable cocoons and presented us with unforeseen and unexpected challenges.

In this scenario, more than ever, the five pillars of Finding the Leader in You (FLY) program; Conscientiousness, Innovativeness, Perseverance, Problem Solving and Taking Initiative show their relevance in career building.

As corporations all across suffer huge losses and millions of employees are laid off, there are chances that the conscientious employees stand a better opportunity of retaining their jobs as compared to ones who are not conscientious.

When the virus spread its tentacles all over the world and we battled the crisis, inadequate medical infrastructure, equipment and devices posed huge challenges before us. In such a scenario, innovative solutions to overcome the shortages and challenges posed by the lockdown emerged from all parts of the world.

For Example: In India, the technology and innovation institutes and startups came up with several ideas and innovations such as cheaper testing kits, PPEs, robotic units, PCR machines, protective chambers and mobile applications to help out the front line community.

People's and governments' problem-solving skills were put to test as the virus spread like a wildfire. It was imperative to go to the root of the problems and find the most effective solutions and not just haphazard ones.

Governments all over the world allocated a considerable proportion of their GDP for effective problem solving on all fronts. [1]

Several organizations also took this opportunity to encourage and promote brainstorming on any problem, large or small, created by the Coronavirus pandemic. CMI too had launched the FLY Against COVID-19 contest on the same lines.

Faced with a severe lockdown, people battled depression, joblessness and several other problems. There were some who gave up and then there were some who overcame the odds with their perseverance!

We saw hundreds of people taking initiative to help neighbours, compatriots and lesser privileged people in times of need.

I hope more and more people will choose to practice these pillars/soft skills that CMI so strongly recommends and build a solid foundation for their careers.


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